NT-LM Series Vertical Grinding Mill is a kind of advanced mill developed by HII based on one decade of R&D experience and introduction of foreign advanced technology. NT-LM vertical mill is advanced pulverizing equipment integrated with drying, pulverizing powder selecting and conveying.

It is applied as a good solution to the technical issue such as low output, high energy consumption and high maintenance cost in the ordinary industry.

NT-LM Vertical Mill has become the mainstream equipment in the pulverizing industry with the following advantages: efficient grinding, lower power consumption, larger feeding size adjustable fineness, simple flow process, space-saving, lower noise, smaller air pollution, easy maintenance, lower operation cost and longer working life of wearing parts etc.…

NT-LM Series Vertical Grinding Mill focus on Coal, Cement, Slag, Non-metallic Mineral Milling Area.

NT-LM series vertical grinding mill


NT-LM vertical mill has scientific & reasonable design and unique structure advantages, which is widely used in power, metallurgical, cement, chemical and non-metallic industry, for grinding various materials, such as cement raw material, clinker, limestone, slag, manganese, gypsum, coal, barite, calcite etc… The grinding field is wide and grinding type is abundant from wet to dry, hard to soft and rough to fine.


Humidity of grinding materials: from materials of 20-30% humidity such as (carbide, lignite, chalk, etc..) to materials of humidity less than 1 % such as (cement clinker). It also suits wide range of materials.


Hardness of materials: from high hardness materials such as (quartz sand, steel slag, mining slag, pyrophyllite, iron ore, etc..) to low hardness materials such as (gypsum, calcite, etc…)


Fineness of grinding product: from 2-5mm such as (raw shale for making bricks in new wall material industry, sand for construction industry, etc..) to 15µm with 97% go through such as (paper, chemical industry, calcium, etc…) It’s easy to adjust the product fineness and simple operation.

Application Range of Vertical Grinding Mill


The vertical mill consists of mill, feeder, classifier, blower, pipes, hopper, electric control system, collecting system etc…


NT-LM series vertical mill uses standard modules to design and produce the pressurization device, as the mill capacity increasing, then increase the roller quantity accordingly (use 2,3 or 4 rollers, maximum 6 rollers), to make the combination with the minimum standard modules parts to produce different capacities machine and meet the requirements of grinding different materials and capacity.

Two Rollers Vertical Mill

Three Rollers Vertical Mill

Four Rollers Vertical Mill

Six Rollers Vertical Mill


The motor drives the reducer to rotate the mill, the raw material is sent to the center of the mill by the feeder, under the centrifugal force, the material moves to the edges of the mill, the material is grinded by the force of the roller pressure, grinding and cutting.

Meanwhile, the hot air is blowing up around the mill and bring up the grinded material, the hot air will dry the floating material and blow the rough material back to the mill. The fine powder will be brought to the classifier and the qualified powder will be flowed out of the mill and collected by the dust collector, and other rough powder will be brought down to the mill by the blade of classifier to grind again, the circulation is like this and completed the whole process of grinding.

Vertical Grinding Mill Working Principle


According to the layout of the duct collector, there are two types solutions, i.e. double stage dust collector system and single stage dust collector.

Double-stage dust collector system

(Normally used in grinding of cement raw material)

The dust collector cyclone is used for the product collection, this kind of system can reduce the working negative pressure and air volume from the dust collector system.

Double-stage dust collector system
Single-stage dust collector system 1

Single-stage dust collector system 1

(Normally used in cement, metallurgical industry for coal grinding)

This system is adopted Explosion-proof bag dust collector and the air is directly sent into the dust collector from the mill. This system is reducing the equipment quantity and simple system configuration.

Single-stage dust collector system 2

(Normally used for grinding cement clinker, mining slag, steel slag, non-metallic mineral, etc…)

This system is adopted the high-density EP or bag dust collector, the air is directly sent into the dust collector from the mill. This system is reducing the equipment quantity and simple system configuration.

Single-stage dust collector system 2



Higher Efficiency

Higher grinding efficiency, lower power consumption (40% – 50% less than ball mill).

Higher production capacity, it can work with off-peak power.


Automatic Control System

Automatic PLC control system, remote control, easy operation and maintenance, reduce the labor cost.


Lower Investment

Combination of crushing, drying, grinding and conveying, simple flow chart, less machine, compact layout, space-saving (50% less than ball mill), it can work in open area to reduce the construction cost and investment amount.


Environment Friendly

Lower vibration and noise. The whole system is perfect sealing with negative pressure, there is no air leakage, so there is no pollution in the workshop.

Vertical mill is the first priority equipment to lower power consumption in the mill industry in the whole of China powder industry.



Roller with height-controlled device, which can avoid strong vibration called by the lack of material in the mill.

New-designed roller sealing part is reliable without sealing blower, which can reduce the oxygen content in the mill to prevent the possibility of explosion.


Easy Maintenance and Lower Operation Cost 

The roller can be pulled out by the hydraulic device, the space is large in the mill and it is convenient to change the spare parts.

Left and right side of the roller cover can both be used for prolonging the working life.

The mill can run without raw material feeding, which erases the difficulty in starting.

The roller and grinding plate are made from special material and can be worked longer life.


Stable Powder Quality

The raw material stays short time period in the mill, which is easy for the powder fineness test and composition analysis.

Well-distributed powder shape, narrow particle size distribution, easy fluidity, wide applications.

The iron content is less in the output powder, it is easy to remove the iron from the mechanical wear, the whiteness and purification is higher when grinding the white or transparent materials.


Specification and Technical Parameter Sheet of NT-LM Raw Material Vertical Mill

NT-LM Vertical Mill Specification Data

Note: Raw Materials Bond Index ≤13kwh/t

Specification and Technical Parameter Sheet of NT-LM Cement Vertical Mill

NT-LM Vertical Mill Specification Data

Note: Raw Materials Bond Index ≤18kwh/t

Specification and Technical Parameter Sheet of NT-LM Cement Vertical Mill

NT-LM Vertical Mill Specification Data

Note: Mining slag bond Index ≤25kwh/t: Steel slag bond index ≤30kwh/t; the output will decrease by 30%-40% grinding steel slag micro powder.

Vertical Mill
Vertical Mill

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