NT Series Universal Grinding Mill


NT-Series Universal Grinding Mill have core technology and leading the industry technical innovation, can grind hard material, soft material, sand material, powder materials.

The whole system is including the main frame, classifier, Blower, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, hopper, crusher, pipe system, pulse dust collector, control cabinet etc. This grinding mill does not get effected because of the material shape and hardness, it is working under the negative pressure, saving energy and keeping the environment clean.

New Concept, New Design, New Structure, New Industrial Applications.

Universal Grinding Mill



The originality of main frame: The grinding advanced principle is including rough crushing, grind layers (During the grinding, the layers are always existed, the materials will be grinded under the pressure, so the grinding efficiency will be improved and the damage will be decreased), slow down the impact to reduce the vibration etc. high efficiency and can save 40% energy than ball mill, Raymond mill and vertical mill, working steady and easy installation and maintenance. 


Wide range of applications for different materials, any shape (piece, sand, powder), under the hardness of 9 Mosh and the moisture of 6%, non-flammable and explosive any non-metallic minerals and some metallic minerals.


The originality of classifier: with the decompression turbine technology, totally resolve the tail problem and the powder cross the main frame, the output particle size can be worked at 180-1250 mesh.


Environmental friendly: The whole system will be running under the negative pressure, PPCS offline pulse dust collector to clear the dust in case the dust will again adsorbed, the dust collecting efficiency ≥99.9%.


NT Series Universal Grinding Mill is widely used in glass, rubber, pharmacy, ceramic, paint, phosphate and paper industry etc.

Chemicals and construction field materials, under the hardness of 9 Mosh and the moisture of 6%, non-flammable and non-explosive materials.

Any non-metallic minerals and some metallic minerals like silica carbide, bauxite, zirconium sand, titanium ore, chrome ore, wollastonite, copper, feldspar, fly ash etc. 

Application Range of Grinding Mill


Universal Grinding Mill Specification Data
Grinding Mill Plant 3D
Grinding Mill Plant 3D

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