Pneumatic Valve Bag Packing Machine


A valve bag filler is an Electro-Mechanical unit used to pack material into a special type of bags called valve bags.

Application Fields: Powders And Granules.

Processing Materials: PVC powder, cement, gypsum powder, dry mortar, fine sand, lime powder, tile adhesives, joint mixture, charcoal powder, perlite, and all kinds of powdery additives.

Filling Range:     10 ~ 50 Kg   

Speed:        5 ~ 8 Bags/min

Drive:         Pneumatic

Package:   Valve Bag

Automation Level:  Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic

Valve bag fillers are well suited for both manual and automated applications ranging from building products and minerals to seed and food products.  Because the filling spout inserts into the opening of the bag, the product flow is totally enclosed during the filling process controlling potential spillage and dust emissions.

Pneumatic Valve Bag Packing Machine

Compressed air valve bag packaging scale is a new type of quantitative packaging scale that has accumulated more than ten years of professional experience, digested foreign advanced technology and combined with China’s national conditions. It has a number of patented technologies and has completely independent intellectual property rights.

The machine adopts the most advanced low-pressure pulse air-floating conveying technology in the world, and completely uses low-pressure pulse compressed air to uniformly and horizontally convey the material on the ventilating device through a super-abrasion air-floating device with a certain angle, and the material passes through self-adjusting double.

The stroke gate valve controls the quick feeding and finishing of the material, and the automatic quantitative packaging of the material is completed through the ceramic discharge nozzle and the microcomputer plus the touch screen control.

The packaging materials cover a wide range. All powders with a moisture content of less than 5% and a mixture of powder and aggregate (≤5 mm) can be automatically packaged, such as industrial micro-powder products, powdered pigments, powdered chemical products, flour and food. Additives, as well as ready-to-mix dry mortars (special mortars) of all varieties.

This machine is controlled by computerized instrument and easy to operate & manage. For example, weighing packing 25kg, you just need to input it 25kg as the target weight and manually place the ready bag to the outlet of the machine and the machine will automatic weighing and filling 25kg, then manually unload the bag. 

Pneumatic Valve Bag Packing Machine


Manual Bag Placing → Automatic Filling → Automatic Weighing → Manual Bag Unloading.

Automatic Bag Placing → Automatic Filling → Automatic Weighing → Automatic Bag Unloading.

Automatic Bag-Fetching Manipulator

The valve bag is sucked up by the suction cup, and the manipulator stretch open the bag mouth to insert the bag into the material discharge hole. The vacuum of the standard suction cup is generated by the suction system. This system can give timely feedback of product status to ensure that each bag is accurately placed to the packaging machine discharge hole.

Bag Magazine (Empty Bag Depot)

It is big enough to keep 120 empty bags here and there is still place more bags. This bag magazine coordinates the automatic bag-fetching manipulator to realize fully automatic operation of bag taking. When the present batch of bags are used up, the next batch will be automatically replenished. The operator on site can put the bags into bag magazine while the machine is running. So there is no need to stop the production for supplement which will ensure continuous packing.



User-friendly operation.


Low aeration amount during filling which leads to high-density packaging.


An access door provides easy accessibility for effective cleaning and maintenance.


Minimal spillage & Dust minimization.


Available in a range of options making it possible to adapt it to different product properties and bag sizes.


Provides continuous material filling with no clogging or bridging.


High dust collecting efficiency, low energy consumption. The self-closing feature reduces the labor required to fill and close filled valve bags.


Reduces material handling costs.


High filling speeds, Increased production efficiency.


Pneumatic Valve Bag Packing Machine
Pneumatic Valve Bag Packing Machine
Pneumatic Valve Bag Packing Machine
Pneumatic Valve Bag Packing Machine
Pneumatic Valve Bag Packing Machine
Pneumatic Valve Bag Packing Machine
Pneumatic Valve Bag Packing Machine

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