NT SERIES Grinding Mill

Upgraded Mill of Traditional Raymond Mill


NT-Series Grinding Mill is a kind of new designed roller-type mill, featuring in higher efficiency, lower power consumption and much better performance than traditional Raymond mill.

The main frame is improved by increasing the height of the roller and rings, make the shovel size larger to increase the capacity. The roller assembly is MAINTENANCE FREE which is adopted the coal machine DF design, prolong the grease feeding period, reduce the maintenance time and hence improves the capacity.

Production Capacity 30%-40% Higher Than Traditional Raymond Mill.

Grinding Mill


NT-Series Grinding Mill is widely used to grind any non-metallic minerals with Mohs’ scale of mineral hardness below 7 and moisture Under 6%. Such as limestone, calcite, activated carbon, talc, dolomite, dioxide, kaolin, bauxite, marble, feldspar, barite, fluorite, gypsum, ilmenite, phosphorite, clay, graphite, diabase, gangue, wollastonite, quick lime, Silicon carbide, bentonite, manganese, iron ore, chrome ore, quartz etc.

The fineness can be adjusted from 0.18 mm (80 mesh) to 0.022 mm (6000), whose range is much wider than that of traditional Raymond mill.

Application Range of Grinding Mill


The reducer (gearbox) is changed as new type of reducer, it can adjust the mill rotary speed according to the client requirements to increase the capacity.

The classifier is adopted a cone shape turbo classifier with large size fan to improve the classification precision and the air through area. The fineness can be adjusted from 0.18 mm (80 mesh) to 0.038 mm (400 mesh), this range is much wider than that of traditional Raymond mill.

NT1700 Grinding Mill is the first large Raymond Mill in China comparing to the traditional mill (5R Raymond mill). Its capacity is about 2.5 to 4 times higher. NT1700 Grinding Mill is a better choice for large scale powder-making projects for effectively increasing the production capacity while reducing the power consumption.



NT-Series Grinding Mill includes feeder, classifier, blower, pipes, hopper, control cabinet, dust collecting system etc. The main frame is including base, central shaft support, ring, spider-arm, roller assembly, shaft, shovel, shovel seat, housing and etc.

The ring and roller are made from wear-resistant materials. For the driving system, there are reducer and double-motor system. The classifier system uses the cone shape turbo classifier with large size fan.

Various feeding and conveying system can be done separately according to different materials. The dust close system with cyclone plus pulse-jet collector and the open system with only pulse-jet collector are available for collecting system. As to the control system, you can select auto control or manual control.


Raw material is firstly broken by the Jaw crusher into the required particle size, which will be carried by the bucket elevator up to the storage hopper. The vibration feeder then conveys the crushed material at a fixed rate into the grinding chamber of the main unit for pulverizing. The three rollers hung upon the spider-arm are running around the ring tightly. 

The raw material is put up between the rollers and rings by the blade to make the raw material into powder. The grinded material is blown up to the classifier, through which the powder is separated by the airflow. Coarse particles fall back down to the mill for regrinding.

Grinding Mill Working Principle
Grinding Mill Working Principle

The qualified powder will go into the collector where products will be removed through the discharge opening. 

The purified air flows to the air blower through the pipes to the dust collector. 

Air flow is a circular type which improves the working condition in the workshop. The powder enters the collector with the air stream and discharge from the discharging valve.



Reliable Performance

New technology grinding system with advanced and reasonable structure. Lowest level of  vibration and noise. Smooth operation and reliable performance. Social and economic benefits have been achieved after this kind of mill was put into the market.


High Efficiency and Lower Power Consumption

More raw materials can be grinded between the roller and ring per hour. The production capacity is 40% higher than that of traditional Raymond mill with the same power consumption. 30% power can be saved for producing 1 ton powder.


Environment Friendly

By using the pulse-jet dust collector for the extra air discharging, 99.9% of the powder can be collected, the main frame positive pressure has been sealed to ensure no powder floating in the workshop.


Easy Maintenance

The newly-designed sealing structure ensures the roller assembly works continuously for 300-500 hours without extra lubrication. Also, the ring can be replaced without removing the roller assembly.


Grinding Mill Specification Data
Grinding Mill Plant 3D
Grinding Mill Plant 3D

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