Calcium Carbonate Ultra-Fine Coating Machine

Ultra-Fine Coating Process: Coating Machine + Classifier


The technology is widely used by the world’s top 500 Powder Companies – Coating Machine + Classifier, to coat the surface of ultra-fine powder in a closed-circuit way. The technology and products quality standard of this coating production line is similar to the standard of Europe & USA.

(1) Increase a classifier to form a closed-circuit cycle to classify the agglomerated large particles in the coating process, it is fed into the coating machine again to comminute and depolymerize, so as to ensure that the coating efficiency reaches the

(2) Compared with the conventional coating machine, the equipment has low installed power, heat closed-circuit circulation, and saves cost because of its large output capacity and low production energy consumption.

(3) Less quantity of Stearic Acid and other coating materials, good coating efficiency and it can reach 99%.

(4) The system operates under negative pressure, without dust flying, and the working environment meets the requirements of environmental protection.

(5) The wear-resistant steel imported from Germany is selected for the core rotor blades (the linear speed can reach 115m/s), It has high wear resistance.

Coating Machine



The powder and Stearic Acid etc. coating materials together enter the screw conveyor by the quantitative feeder, after mixing, the hot air from the hot blast stove blows the mixed materials into the coating machine with high-speed mixing coating. Then the powder and stearic acid enter the classifier with the air flow, after strong dispersal and classification, the qualified materials enter the dust collector to collect and cool for packing. The materials are discharged from the classifier and re-entered into the coating machine for strong scattering and coating, so as to circulate production.

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