ACS Series Turbine Ultra-Fine Classifier​


(1) It is specially designed for large-scale classification production of 500-2500 mesh superfine powder, especially suitable for classification of 500-1500 mesh powder.

(2) It adopts the principle of strong eddy current classification design, vertical impeller placement, single impeller structure.

(3) Large processing capacity, low energy consumption, high classification efficiency, high competitiveness of the equipment cost; product classification cutting point is accurate, there is no phenomenon of rough particle size in the products.

(4) The fineness of the product can be adjusted arbitrarily by adjusting the rotary speed or the opening of the air valve through the inverter frequency conversion, it is simple and convenient to get different size powder.  

(5) It can directly connect all kinds of grinding equipment (such as ball mill, impact mill, vibration mill, vertical mill) to form a continuous ultra-fine production system.  

(6) It is widely used in the production and processing of various non-metallic mineral powder (such as talc, calcite, kaolin, limestone, barite and quartzite etc.), ceramics, medicine, pesticides, abrasives and various inorganic and organic powder, etc. in dry powder form.  

ACS Series Classifier​


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